30 March 2017 Lumpinee Boxing Stadium Shirou VS Daocherndoi Sitnayokpidej.

On March 30, the first match after transfer to Petkiatpetch Gym, a new gym in Thailand, was Lumpinee Stadium.

Shiro participated in the TV match at Lumpinee. It’s a 125-pound contract game. The opponent is Daocherndoi Sitnayokpidej.


It is said that there was pressure that if you do not win this game, you may not be able to practice at the new gym.

The weighting ratio after weighing was 5-4, which was favorable to the opponent, but Shiro sometimes killed Bakaipet with KO just before the game, and the multiplayer ratio of gambler, Shiro and Daocherndoi Sitnayokpidej. were the same.


Shiro is a strategy of attacking with a low kick. The opponent seems to have been a strategy to compete with 3Rs from the 3Rs without attacking the 1,2Rs.

Shiro clinched the opponent with 4 R, and the high kick was decided, and it changed to a multiplication ratio favorable to Shiro. And the game ends with Shiro’s judgment value.


Shiro said that “my second chapter finally started now”


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