30 June 2017 Lumpinee Boxing Stadium Shirou won

Shirou VS Nuepetch sitlomnow


Shiro joined to Petkiatpet Gym after retird Shin Nihon Kickboxing Associationin

In this fight game is second game for Shirou

Shiro transferred to the activity base Thailand after leaving Shin Nihon Kickboxing Associationin

Shiro judged with a good impression that it was “strong hit, strong in the second half of the game” at the entry match of the first match of the promotion in March this year.

As a result of this, the pre-game rate was also 3-2, showing Shiro advantage.

However, when the game began, nuepetch sitlomnow ‘s front kick and goodness of the middle shield were noticeable, and the betting rate also slipped to 5-4 nuepetch sitlomnow advantage.

Shiro is a low-kick subject, sometimes deciding to blow a body blow or a one-on.

Sharu’s hit will explode here as it enters the fourth round. Shiro said from the second team “This round go!”

When we decided on a huge from a heavy row and a one-on-one, the number of hands of nuepetch sitlomnow was decreasing all at once.

In the previous round, the low kick damage that nuepetch sitlomnow continued to eat came here and came out on the table.

If I think that the betting rate also opened Shiroi advantage 2-1 at a stretch here,

Shiro decided a lot of low kicks from blowing punches to pierce even more.

Then nuepetch sitlomnow also stalled too much, with a big difference to the extent that betting was not established, Shiro’s victory was established.

The last five lands, Shiro retreated nuepetch sitlomnow with a front kick as instructed by the second and won the decision.

This time, I felt that movement was little in the first half of the game, seemingly I was watching at the opponent’s pace, and where I put together the attacks in the fourth round and reversed the form, etc. was brilliant.

It is important for Muay Thai to win the crowd in front of the match before starting the match,

With this victory, Shiro was able to gain new credibility.

This time nuepetch sitlomnow was a player whose name has come up to various places. It will win that nuepetch sitlomnow and in the next race will be a battle with even more enemies.


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